• Out of the Blue



    Friends are a gift given to you
    They come into your lives from out of the blue
    At least that's the way to most it seems
    But God really sends them on magical sunbeams

    Some cross your path just for a while
    To help with some plan or give you a smile
    Some enter your life and stay forever
    Those special bonds you can never sever

    Some new friends you feel you've known a long time
    But figuring it out there's neither reason nor rhyme
    You fall into a relationship warm and true
    Which brings much happiness to both of you

    Friends can help you when you're at wits end
    They stand strong for you and never bend
    Their love for you is very real
    They tend to keep you on an even keel

    Friends are people in whom you confide
    No matter what, they're always by your side
    They comfort you in times of sorrow
    And you know they'll always be there tomorrow

    God knew you'd need special people in your life
    Who would always assist you in conquering strife
    Friends don't come from your family tree
    But many are closer than any family

    Where would you be without a good friend
    Life as you know it would come to an end
    Thank God for sending your friends to you
    Those special people who came out of the blue

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    © Beverly Lawyer

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