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    Thursday 13rd March 2014 at 06:35

    Hello my beautiful Nicky , I am so sorry but I was sick ,and not filling well .

    I hope you are keeping well from your side,my dearest .

    I wish that this Thursday for you he will be a wonderful day with sunshine , Enjoy Love .

    And take care, you are always welcome my Nicky . Many Kisses and hugs to for you from Mirella .

    Thursday 13rd March 2014 at 11:30

    Thank you my sweet !

    I'm sorry you were sick !

    Big hugs always !


    Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 19:55


    Hello Sweet sister..I'm collecting some of your pictures so I could make you a video. When I'll have enough, I will let you know, ok? Could you tell me some of your love's songs choices? Here is my E-Mail address so you could write to me: hubertl522@gmail.com

    Have a nice evening and sweet dreams. 

    Hugs, Love & Kisses,

    Your little brother.

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